Gardening by Moonlight

G. B. M. (Gardening by Moonlight) In early 1982, J.J. and DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN decided to dedicate more time to the G.B.M. project. J.J. wanted to express more through lyrics / song / production, as well as different rythymic influences to the ones that had been used in dance music at that time; some songs, later […]

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Dead Sea Scrolls News
Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen introduces and plays a Bill Carter and The Screaming Blue Messiah’s Track, “Jesus Chrysler Drives A Dodge”, on his BBC radio show, “From my home to yours”

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The Dead Sea Scrolls
the dead sea scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls two track EP was released on 30th August 2019. Bluesy,”Beef hearty” Experimental Rock, the EP features two Tracks Sim sala bim bam and To the Promised Land taken from the ‘ ALASKA STUDIO SESSIONS, London” recorded in 1993. The Dead Sea Scrolls are, ex Screaming Blue Messiahs frontman BILL CARTER, Bass […]

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gbm_soundtracks Album

‘GBM Soundtracks’ Album brings together seven soundtracks taken from Short films including, ‘Can it be? Unconditional’, ‘Blue Gene Baby’and others. The music ranges from Electronica,  spoken word, ambient, and techno-hybrid genres.

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Can it Be Unconditional EP
Can it be? Unconditional

GBM single/EP can it be ?  UNCONDITIONAL’ is available through the GBM Media Label

CD and digital download

‘Can it
be? Unconditional’
 is in an original Dance / Groove /
Electronica / Song / Crossover genre, with a universal message/question.

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Can it be Unconditional Film
kings circus funfair

The film, Can it be? Unconditionalis presented in an original and unusual way with interaction between words, images, rhythm, music and electronica and concludes with a universal message/question. The film soundtrack also called, Can it be? Unconditional, is available on CD and download. For more information visit the Drumpunk site Produced and directed: John (JJ) Johnson […]

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