GBM is the solo project of Musician and Composer John (JJ) Johnson, an uncompromising musical and film project releasing material on Johnson’s own GBM Media Label.    Drumpunk is the creative identity of John (JJ) Johnson.

As part of the original British Punk scene, Johnson was formerly a member of and performed and recorded with Wayne County and The Electric Chairs, into New Wave and was part of, or performed with, The Flying Lizards, The Skids, Thomas Dolby and Nico.

John (JJ) Johnson of GBM
John (JJ) Johnson of GBM

He then co-formed a Duo with Duncan Bridgeman, now of One Giant Leap, releasing an Album and three singles under the moniker of Gardening By Moonlight. Other projects have included The Dead Sea Scrolls (in collaborations with Bill Carter ex- Screaming Blue Messiahs and Sarah Corina of the Mekons) and Coochies Bream.

GBM has continued to intermittently release Tracks, Soundtracks and Short Film

Into the present.  See