gbm_soundtracks Album

‘GBM Soundtracks’ Album brings together seven soundtracks taken from Short films including, ‘Can it be? Unconditional’, ‘Blue Gene Baby’and others. The music ranges from Electronica,  spoken word, ambient, and techno-hybrid genres. Music Written, Performed and Produced By John ( JJ) JohnsonProgrammed, Engineered, and Mixed by John ( JJ) Johnson and Jim MageeProduced by John ( […]

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Can it Be Unconditional EP
Can it be? Unconditional

GBM single/EP can it be ?  UNCONDITIONAL’ is available through the GBM Media Label

CD and digital download

‘Can it
be? Unconditional’
 is in an original Dance / Groove /
Electronica / Song / Crossover genre, with a universal message/question.

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Can it be Unconditional Film
kings circus funfair

The film, Can it be? Unconditional is presented in an original and unusual way with interaction between words, images, rhythm, music and electronica and concludes with a universal message/question. The film soundtrack also called, Can it be? Unconditional, is available on  download. For more information visit the Drumpunk site Produced and directed: John (JJ) Johnson […]

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